​At any stage of life, creativity is imperative to our wellness. The evidence is quite clear that music and the arts have the power to impact health. From trauma of the brain, to stroke, to autism, to ameliorating depression or PTSD, treatment in alzheimer's patients, to everyday general enjoyment, raising confidence and self-esteem, the incorporation of music and arts into daily activity helps advances wellness. Let our Be Delighted programs bring vitality to your health.  Our program incorporates a combination of live music listening, active singing participation, positive motivational content, light movement, and beautiful visuals facilitated by musical theater and opera artists.

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Venue/Organization Type:

Health and Wellness Centers


Nursing Homes

Treatment Centers

Retreat Sites

Police Departments

Military Organizations



General Public:

If you can talk, you can sing! Ok, so maybe you don't want to be on the world stage, but we believe everyone has a song in the heart to be unleashed! Enjoy this interactive concert program that incorporates a combination of live music listening, active singing participation, positive motivational content, light movement, and beautiful visuals.


Venue/Organization Type:

Nonprofit Organizations


Leadership Training Institutes







Every person plays an important role in the sustenance and vitality of a business, corporation, or the world at large. Whether you are presently in a leadership role, desire your teams to build leadership skills, or the young leader going to high school or launching off to college, each person will draw upon the transferable skills of a performer and apply these techniques to any given situation. 

Singing builds confidence,  vulnerability, transparency, and forgiveness. When fear dissipates, productivity ensues. Get ready to build character that is ready to take on everyday challenges by the guidance of singing activities that inspire physical and mental alertness. 


Venue/Organization Type:

Health and Wellness Centers

Nonprofit Organizations




Dating Partners

Married Couples


People that sing together stay together. Fun, entertaining, and a great way to strengthen relationships, enjoy an evening singing to the people you hold so dear while learning about ways to build virtue in these relationships.

About Be Delighted

One of the deepest sentiments and beauties of the human condition is the search to Be Delighted. The Be Delighted Movement is about the transforming power of creativity and its ability to bring joy into our lives. It’s about understanding the physical science behind the sounds and images that affect our society’s health and wellness.​ It speaks of the mystery of creativity in overcoming the trials and trauma that so often hinder the progress of becoming fruitful individuals in our day-to day activity at home, work, and in our relationships. It’s about realizing a way of living that gives us the freedom to BE the most authentic version of ourselves!


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