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C-Suite Executives

Service Description

Is your company singin’ or just hummin’ along? Now more than ever, today's C-Suite Executive must navigate a world of complexity, pressure, and responsibility. At Be Delighted, we want to ease that burden from your shoulders. At any given time, the listener searches for clues of clarity, meaning, and emotion that help assess the reliability of the C-Suite Executive. “I loved that meeting!” If spoken out loud, would you interpret this expression as one of excitement or facetious boredom? Whether verbalizing oneself by phone, in a meeting, at a seminar, or on media, an audience makes instant and sometimes lasting assumptions about a leader and the representative company. The study of vocal prosody, the speech elements that encompass volume, pausing, rhythm, stress patterns and intonation, is imperative in leadership communication. Your voice is vital to the well-being of yourself and the company you represent. Research from Towers Watson has found two key reasons for businesses to invest heavily in communication: 1) businesses with highly effective communicators have a 47 percent higher total return to shareholders compared to companies with the least effective communicators, and 2) businesses with strong communication practices are 3.5 times more likely to significantly outperform industry peers than businesses with less effective practices. So let's take the journey together and build your leadership presence! The following concepts will be explored: -Identifying breath distortions and improving breathwork for verbal expression -Identifying vocal emotional states -Improving posture -Engaging your audience and eliciting a desired response -Making effective and efficient expressions

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