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I am overjoyed that you have decided to learn more about Be Delighted! We are ecstatic that you are considering joining us on a journey as a supporting sponsor. The inspiration behind Be Delighted began a far cry from a delightful place. When I moved to New York many years ago, I began my journey by teaching voice lessons. It seemed by miraculous coincidence that many of the voice students who I encountered were equally struggling with depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. Through observation of many lessons, I witnessed the benefits that singing was having on my students spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Sing4Wellness was born!


Realizing the deep stories that often emerged from my students, I then desired to understand the other forces of resonation beyond singing that a human person consumes on a daily basis: images, food, ideas, et al. It became apparent that those students needed a place to be valued, heard, understood...a place to "be delighted!"  During those years of witnessing suffering, the words MTHFR, vitamin deficiency, compounded stress, post trauma symptoms, vagus nerve, microbiome, breathing irregularities, cellular memory, unforgiveness, along with a host of other phrases were absent from my library of knowledge. Now they are front and center! Be Delighted grew into a production company that creates inspiring, interactive experiences to enhance general well-being. and invites participants to engage a deeper level,  'singing in the rain.'

Our Journey

We are proud of how Be Delighted has successfully impacted audiences since its inception. 


  • Be Delighted Artist Residency was test piloted in a Minnesota home.

  • Be Delighted Hosts a Seminar for Artists in New York City.

  • Be Delighted Hosts an entertainment evening, “Delight the Night,” for 2 consecutive years at an NYC venue.

  • Be Delighted TV segment launched and reached over 600,000 viewers on the MNN network.

  • Be Delighted expanded its online reach after WIX selected us to be part of the co-working program in New York City.

  • Be Delighted was featured in an entrepreneurship book that ranked #1 on Amazon in two categories.

  • Be Delighted hits the media with spots on ABC, CBS, NBC, Aleteia, Sirius Satellite, Iheart Radio, and other podcast interviews.

  • Be Delighted launches SingCast, a podcast to "be curious." We interview personalities and experts on a variety of topics  across the sectors of art, music, science, health and well-being, medicine, and psychology. Guests include: Mickey Chopra (Restaurant Owner), (Museum, Father Gretchko (St. Dymphna Shrine), Stephen , Mark Van de Hei (astronatut who broke world record

  • Be Delighted is on the search for venues to help facilitate our programming, ranging from concert halls to planetariums or even the repurposing of a former sacred building. 

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