Our Story

Dear friends,


The inspiration of Be Delighted came from the desire to understand how to live joyfully! I had met many people, including myself, who had at one point or another had personal experiences with the loss of hope, love, and/or compassion in their lives. No matter what avenue these losses stemmed or the level of grief felt, I desired Be Delighted to bring many artistic and healing activities that would help with the effects of loss and trauma, and at the same time reach everyone, because I believe there is an 'artist' in each one of us, crafting, molding, shaping, and using our talents to create the life we desire to live.


Each morning I wake up, and at some point, read yet another story in the media that illustrates the spirit of 'unforgiveness' plaguing our society. I believe with enough joy, a society can drown out the societal ills. Be Delighted is a movement to help each one of us become the most authentic versions of ourselves so that we begin to see delight emerge.

As an opera singer and artist, I believe that singing and the arts play a crucial medicinal role in the health and wellness of people. My hope is that Be Delighted will teach everyone how to utilize the arts in their everyday experience. We must preserve the beauty that artists bring in this world! Artists are the culture makers and influence the value and dignity of an individual in our culture! Just think for a moment of those lyrics that made you cry, the photograph implanted in your memory of the good times, a dance that brought you closer to a significant other, the sand castle children made with their parents, or a letter to a loved one. Whatever act of creativity, it brought a unity, a memory, that somehow inspired forgiveness, empathy, compassion, and love.


I believe that our human imperfections require that we have the arts because they bring us into the realization of our humanity. The virtuous practices of art and creativity place our cognitive thinking into a higher realm. I believe it is this higher realm that enlightens us to become more hopeful, more empathic, more compassionate, and more forgiving...and it’s these virtues that progress humanity and bring joy to our lives. Thus artists have a great responsibility to society! Be Delighted to be free to be YOU.

We are excited about the concerts and programs through the Be Delighted! Let your heart be moved by the art around you! Let’s preserve the wellness of our society. Let’s Be Delighted!​



BE DELIGHTED is an empowerment organization that uses the transforming power of creativity to bring joy into people's lives. ​Be Delighted's programs have the ability to help people through the trials and trauma that so often hinder the progress of becoming fruitful individuals in our day-to day activity at home, work, and in our relationships.  We bring inspiring, entertainment programming that reveals a way of living to BE the most authentic version of ourselves!​ 

We have crafted a unique platform including a live event series for media broadcast, live and virtual edutainment programming, a wellness program, artist retreat center, festival, and travel retreats.

Girl Running in a Field

Our Mission

Create a world where people can live joyfully, empowered by the arts.

Our Values


We strive to bring consistency in our products and services and make the best honest decisions for the business, the community at-large and all those working for Be Delighted.


We believe in the human dignity of all persons, and that the mind, body and spirit are interconnected.  Our actions influence ourselves and the world around us. The arts play a myriad of roles in the wellness of communities.


Hug it out! Yes, we believe in showing love and responsibility in our business decisions, and that means exercising mercy, forgiveness, and recompense if needed.


Our team consists of highly talented business, creative professionals, and volunteers who desire to see good in the world. We achieve this goal because we believe the arts have a holistic impact on the human person. Get ready to smile, laugh, or be moved to tears, because we do our very best to offer entertainment presentations that will transform our audiences.


We are movers and shakers who understand a strong work ethic and the courage needed to move mountains, jump hurdles, and blast through obstacles.


We find greatness in our strengths and strength in our times of weakness. Have no fear, because being genuine is good to our ear.

Our History

We are proud of how Be Delighted has successfully impacted audiences since its inception:


  • Be Delighted Artist Residency was test piloted in a Minnesota home.

  • Be Delighted Hosts a Seminar for Artists in New York City.

  • Be Delighted Hosts an entertainment evening, “Delight the Night,” for 2 consecutive years at an NYC venue.

  • Be Delighted TV segment launched and reached over 600,000 viewers on the MNN network.

  • Be Delighted expanded its online reach after WIX selected us to be part of the co-working program in New York City.

  • Be Delighted was featured in an entrepreneurship book that ranked #1 on Amazon in two categories.

  • Be Delighted hits the media with spots on ABC, CBS, NBC, Aleteia, Sirius Satellite, Iheart Radio, and other podcast interviews.

  • Be Delighted partners with company to bring visual relaxation experiences for the Sing4Wellness program.

  • Be Delighted partners with retreat center providing a place to host Be Delighted activities.

  • A grand piano is donated to Be Delighted.