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​At any stage of life, creativity is imperative to our wellness. The evidence is quite clear that music and the arts have the power to impact health. From trauma of the brain, to stroke, to autism, to ameliorating depression or PTSD, treatment in Alzheimer's patients, to everyday general enjoyment, the incorporation of music and arts into daily activity helps advance wellness. Let our Be Delighted programs bring vitality to your well-being. 

Sing4Wellness: A Deeper Look

Sing4Wellness is a well-being program that helps the mind, body, and spirit. It incorporates a combination of listening to live music, active singing participation, positive motivational content, light movement, and beautiful visuals, facilitated by performing artists. Sing4Wellness has the ability to relieve the many forms of stress and tap into the resonating potential of an individual's voice. Leaning upon the research and wisdom behind singing and breathwork, Sing4Wellness facilitates healthy breathing, oxygenating the body and influencing overall immune system health. Through our crafted vocal exercises, songs, and activities, Sing4Wellness will stimulate, invigorate, and empower participants to tap into their greatness!

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