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About Cari

Cari is a unique, theatrical, multidisciplinary performing arts presentation comprised of a myriad of beautifully crafted sounds and melodies of the past and present. Cari offers an array of ambient to passionate classical and popular music, written and performed by award-winning producer and vocalist Andrea Lynn Cianflone. Playing the role of "Opera Woman" in Cari, Ms. Cianflone stirs the hearts of the audience with soaring vocals, spoken word, acting, and poetry. A stimulating, philosophical thriller, Cari includes actors, dancers, acrobats, and multimedia interwoven with authentic vignettes of love, loss, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Sing4Wellness and the Stage

Cari forges hope in the human experience! Through meaningful, interactive activities, audience participants are sure to unveil their smiles, burst into laughter, and even shed some tears. Cari guides participants to an innovative call-to-action plan vis-à-vis the Be Delighted platform.  Theater has never looked more therapeutic!

Modern Ballet Dancers
Modern Ballet Dancers


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