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Be Delighted Competes for $100K Prize

Updated: Jul 3

Back in 2018 as I stood on the stage at Carnegie Hall, I remembered looking out into the audience and feeling a wave of gratitude for the many people who supported me as a performing artist throughout the years.

I am feeling another positive rush of thankful energy today at Be Delighted! You all have inspired me as a singer to bring a voice to your stories whether it’s our Sing4Wellness programming, the “Cari” show in production, to new mindful merchandise, or establishing some awesome partnerships to advance meaningful, interactive Be Delighted experiences.

I am grateful to all the various philanthropic organizations and patrons who have shared this journey with us. A very special organization called Our Sunday Visitor has recognized our efforts at Be Delighted. In January of this year, Be Delighted entered Our Sunday Visitor’s “The OSV Challenge,” a multi-round entrepreneurial national competition, along with 1,000 other applicants to compete for a whopping final prize of $100K.

Drum roll please!

I am thrilled to announce that we have advanced into the semi-finals along with 30 other talented business owners across the nation. Our Sunday Visitor has provided an awesome experience, and it has been a pure joy to be professionally guided by this organization that is filled with so much heart!

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