Christmas is a Season to Fall in Love

Christmas is a season to fall in Love.

To set one’s eyes on beauty above.

Love is not a fleeting pleasure

It fights for Truth beyond our measure

Eros must be purified in its journey to Agape

Through selfless acts of Love in what we do and what we say

So let this season of Love be the very start.

To create a wholesome mind and a pure and simple heart.

About Be Delighted

One of the deepest sentiments and beauties of the human condition is the search to Be Delighted. The Be Delighted Movement is about the transforming power of creativity and its ability to bring joy into our lives. It’s about understanding the physical science behind the sounds and images that affect our society’s health and wellness.​ It speaks of the mystery of creativity in overcoming the trials and trauma that so often hinder the progress of becoming fruitful individuals in our day-to day activity at home, work, and in our relationships. It’s about realizing a way of living that gives us the freedom to BE the most authentic version of ourselves!


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