A Life of Totality by Andrea Lynn Cianflone

Like many others across the United States today, I have been excitedly anticipating the solar eclipse. I have been getting involved in much of the hype. I considered skipping out on those rehearsals and instead travelling down to South Carolina from New York to see this wonderful beauty in the sky. As the days have been leading up to this astonishing event, the cool solar glasses have been selling out as well as the NYC rooftop “eclipse parties.”  The social media video views have counted in millions concerning the presence of this celestial activity.

What I have learned in the past couple days has been eye-opening! What is it about this natural phenomenon that has captured thousands to take off work and venture down the pathway to experience two minutes and forty seconds of awe?

Yearning for beauty, wonderment, and awe is a real human experience! I don’t know about you, but for me, this beautiful distraction allows all of us to remove ourselves from the negativity and division that abounds us in so many realms today and leads us all to look up into the sky and visually enjoy something we can all appreciate. It’s almost like nature has put this entertaining visual in the sky, like a silent film or concert, to be given as a gift to humanity for a couple minutes of time, to reflect, to be with our family and friends, and to be insignificant in some way as the moon passes between the sun and earth. It’s a visual representation that allows us to acknowledge our minuteness, and in this way, the eclipse teaches us to eliminate ego, to shed away thoughts and distractions that lead us to nowhere, but instead look up and see somewhere! The solar eclipse educates us to look at our lives for a brief moment and reflect upon the beauty that surrounds us, that there is something ‘bigger’ than all of us that we can look to. When we seek beauty and go beyond ourselves, we create a pathway to a life of totality.  

About Be Delighted

One of the deepest sentiments and beauties of the human condition is the search to Be Delighted. The Be Delighted Movement is about the transforming power of creativity and its ability to bring joy into our lives. It’s about understanding the physical science behind the sounds and images that affect our society’s health and wellness.​ It speaks of the mystery of creativity in overcoming the trials and trauma that so often hinder the progress of becoming fruitful individuals in our day-to day activity at home, work, and in our relationships. It’s about realizing a way of living that gives us the freedom to BE the most authentic version of ourselves!


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