Come be inspired by beauty, music, visuals, and intellectually stimulated by deep questions, ideas and lyrics. Walk away with a renewed sense of self! This is what we hope to achieve with you as our audience member because we want our theatrical experience to feel like the biggest HUG you've ever had. 

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Help us get Be Delighted to Broadway! The Be Delighted Theatrical Concert Tour is a unique theatrical, fanciful visual and music presentation where multidisciplinary art forms will be seen and heard. Audiences will be inspired by beautifully diversified sounds and melodies of the past and present. With its ambient, classical and popular adult contemporary music spanning the globe in its many languages.


Be Delighted expresses an authentic story of the struggle with love, loss, forgiveness, and acceptance told through music, spoken word, dance, movement, and multimedia, bringing international appeal through the high-energy, passion, drama, and heart-wrenching emotions. 

Unlike anything on the Broadway, we want our audience singing, so get ready for Sing4Wellness on the theatrical stage.

It is sure to bring smiles and tears! 

About Be Delighted

One of the deepest sentiments and beauties of the human condition is the search to Be Delighted. The Be Delighted Movement is about the transforming power of creativity and its ability to bring joy into our lives. It’s about understanding the physical science behind the sounds and images that affect our society’s health and wellness.​ It speaks of the mystery of creativity in overcoming the trials and trauma that so often hinder the progress of becoming fruitful individuals in our day-to day activity at home, work, and in our relationships. It’s about realizing a way of living that gives us the freedom to BE the most authentic version of ourselves!


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