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*Through your participation in any Be Delighted activities, promotions, or events, you understand and expressly acknowledge that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present.  In partaking in any of these events, you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19, and waive, release, and discharge Be Delighted and its respective affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, or volunteers from any and all liability under any theory, whether in negligence or otherwise, for any illness or injury. Be Delighted encourages all participants to follow public health guidance and provisions through the Center for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Please comply with any laws that apply in your respective area and consult your physician when necessary for personalized medical advice. 


Let's Share Our Awesomeness!


1.      Pick up a piece of garbage on the street and throw it away.
2.      Buy a meal for a person.
3.      Volunteer for an elderly person in your community and do yardwork for the day.
4.      Send a fruit basket to an essential worker. 
5.      Buy a rose and give it to a stranger.
6.      Carry the groceries of an elderly person at the grocery store and bring it to his/her car.
7.      Buy shoes for someone who needs them.
8.      Write a gratitude card to a person who protects you.
9.      Give a monetary tip to a performing artist.
10.    Help remove graffiti from community property.
11.    Write a gratitude card to the CEO of your company giving thanks for your job. 
12.    Hold the door open for a line of people.
13.    Buy a bag of groceries and give it to someone.
14.    Play a virtual board game with friends or family.
15.    Write a thank you card to a military veteran.
16.    Compliment a person.
17.    Wash someone’s car.
18.    Buy someone’s gas at the gas station.
19.    Catch the tab for a restaurant customer. 
20.    Buy a case of bottled water for local construction crew working in your neighborhood. 
21.    Spend an hour to clean up garbage on a beach.
22.    Volunteer to help a farmer for a day.
23.    Donate clothing to a local charity.
24.    Pay someone’s utility bill. 
25.    Tip your restaurant server half of your bill.
26.    Pray with someone.
27.    If there is something you need forgiven, call the person and ask for forgiveness.
28.    Sing a joyful song to someone over the phone.
29.    Read a short story to a person.
30.    Make a homemade card and send to a loved one.
31.    Leave a thank you card on the outdoor garbage bin for the sanitation company.
32.    Bake cookies for a friend.
33.    Meditate in silence with someone.
34.    Dance six feet away from someone.
35.    Go for a brisk 15 minute walk.
36.    Go for a bike ride with a family member or friend.
37.    Learn a phrase in someone else’s language and share a compliment in that language to the person.
38.    Write a thank you card to a civic leader for service to the community.
39.    Give canned goods to your local food shelf.
40.    Give a monetary gift to your respective spiritual leader(s).
41.    Turn off the TV or internet in the home for the day.
42.    Volunteer to take a neighbor’s dog for a walk.
43.    Ask a person about his/her life story.
44.    FaceTime with an elderly person in a nursing home. 
45.    Give a clothing item to a person you know who may need it.
46.    Give an encouraging word to someone who is unemployed.
47.    Help forward on an unemployed person’s resume.
48.    Call someone you know who may be anxious, sad, or depressed. 
49.    Put together an envelope of coupons and send to someone who may need it.
50.    Leave a thank you note in the mailbox for your postal delivery worker.

51.    Do a “photoshoot” with your phone or camera where the “model” is a friend posing with silly faces.
52.    Put away a shopping cart in the grocery parking lot. 
53.    Donate books to the local library.
54.    Give a book of yours to someone you know.
55.    Spend 30 minutes to pray/meditate for the betterment of yourself and those who have wronged you.
56.    Visit a cemetery and pray/meditate for the deceased or anyone who does not have someone to pray for him/her.
57.    Create a musical jam session with the neighbors outdoors with the pots and pans from your kitchen.
58.    Play “Name That Tune” virtually with friends or family.
59.    Send doctors and nurses at a clinic or hospital a restaurant gift certificate.
60.    Buy a coffee for the next person in line.
61.    Give someone an extra gift card you may have. 
62.    Insert coins into someone’s parking meter.
63.    Leave a note of encouragement on someone’s car window.
64.    Let someone go in front of you in line.
65.    Plant a shrub, flowers, or tree.
66.    Start learning a musical instrument.
67.    Take the day not to complain.
68.    Give up your seat on the bus or subway.
69.    Write an encouraging letter to yourself. 
70.    Send coloring books to kids in the hospital.
71.    Recycle things you see on the road. 
72.    Give your umbrella to a stranger on a rainy day.
73.    Ride your bike or walk to a location you would normally take a car in.
74.    Buy your server at a restaurant a dessert on the menu.
75.    Reconnect with an old friend by phone.
76.    Look at a beautiful nature picture for five minutes.
77.    Give an anonymous donation to someone you know in the community who needs help. 
78.    Close your eyes and give yourself a hug for five minutes.
79.    Give your hairstylist a generous tip.
80.    Pay for someone’s subway, bus, or cab fare.
81.    Hold the elevator for someone.
82.    Give a monetary donation to a local performing arts organization.
83.    Send a thank you card to a past teacher or professor you had.
84.    Make a dinner and deliver it to a family in need.
85.    Post encouraging messages on any social media accounts you may have.
86.    Take 15 minutes to sit in silence by yourself.
87.    Mow your neighbor’s lawn.
88.    Hand a note of encouragement to a stranger.
89.    Buy a bouquet of flowers and give each flower of the bouquet to various strangers you meet.
90.    Send an encouraging letter to a coworker. 
91.    Recite a poem to a family member or friend on the phone. 
92.    Do an outdoor paint-on-canvas activity with someone.
93.    Send an encouraging letter to the management team at the place of your employment.
94.    Sing in the shower. 
95.    Sing a group song on your next conference call.
96.    Read an inspiring reflection before bedtime. 
97.    Look at yourself in the mirror and smile for one minute.
98.    Create a list of ten beautiful attributes you possess.
99.    Clean a room in your living space that needs attention.
100.  Tell someone you love him/her. 

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