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Dear Friends, 


A week ago, an idea planted itself on my heart to reach out to hospitals to offer a livestream person-to-person hospital bedside singing program for those who may be unable to recover from Covid-19. Many years ago, I had sung for a few patients in critical condition at hospitals and found these moments both healing for the patient and the family. Amid this pandemic, I wanted Be Delighted to volunteer a music healing programming during a patient’s difficult journey. So, I reached out to one of my contacts in connection with a field hospital in New York City. I learned through my communication that immediate family were not allowed to see their loved ones in the hospital. Though I completely understand the decision to keep all staff, patients, and family safe, my heart just broke at the realization that families would be separated from their loved ones who are suffering alone. I felt a bit dismayed that Be Delighted was unable to extend help to a very real need. Yesterday, I was reading the news when I came across a picture of refrigerated trucks set up outside hospitals to help with the mortuary capacity. I couldn’t shake the image or the reality of what was taking place in New York: absent from loved ones suffering, no wakes, postponed funerals…grieving alone. I reflected, prayed, and quite honestly, bawled like a little child. How can Be Delighted bring love to these families and the many families that have been impacted by Covid-19 worldwide?


In this time of incredible uncertainty and unimaginable pain and grief from the loss of members of our global family, Be Delighted is here as a source of comfort. We have implemented three key ways in serving our global community. We are extending a free special gift to the families who have lost a loved one to Covid-19 by bringing a special livestream celebration-of-life program into their homes. We will sing, reflect and pray, and celebrate the life of their loved one with them. Witnessing how imperative it is for patients, doctors, and nurses to receive necessary emotional support, we are furthering our efforts by producing "Message of Comfort," a video of music, positive content, and visuals to patients, healthcare workers, and residents at hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Research shows how imperative the arts are when used in hospitals and palliative care settings as pain and anxiety are reduced for patients promoting healing. Lastly, we continue to deliver our Sing4Wellness program via live-stream as a way to strengthen emotional, physical, and spiritual health for the general public. 


Please feel free to get in touch via the contact page here at Be Delighted with any questions. I wish you and your families the best of health during the outbreak of this pandemic.




Andrea Lynn Cianflone



Founder, Be Delighted

Principal, VIA Enterprises

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